divvietigs-numurs-elisabethGift for Celebration Kārļamuiža Gift Cards!

We offer to purchase a GIFT CARDS for hotel services.

You can purchase a Gift Cards by completing a form on our web-site or by visiting us at KĀRĻAMUIŽA

Gift type: an option to choose a set of services or to name the price of the gift

Gift sets:

Romantic rest for two”  – Marie room +  + snack plate and wine in the room Price: 65.00 EUR

Rest in the village” – bath-house visit, hot tea with honey + rest in Marie room Price: 80.00 EUR

Family holiday” – Cēsis castle visit + overnight stay at the family Sophie room (4 pers.) +   family breakfast. Price: 95.00 EUR

 “Wedding gift” – dinner in front of a fireplace + night in Elisabeth room + breakfast served in the room. Price: 99.00 EUR

“All inclusive” – night in Elisabeth room + bath-house visit + dinner and wine + breakfast. Price: 150.00 EUR

The option of your choice -choose from variety of our offered gift sets or indicate the desired  price of the Gift card.
Gift Cards Form: traditional Gift Card in an envelope or as an original box – packaging for the festive drink.

How to buy?

1. Complete the request form

2. We will send you an advance payment invoice and we will mutually agree on how you will receive the Gift Card

3. We will deliver the Gift Card after the payment of the invoice

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