Secret Soviet Bunker is located 9 km from Karlamuiza Country Hotel.

In the territory of the rehabillitation centre “Ligatne”, 9 metres under the ground, there is a facilated bunker in size of 2000 m2, whose secrecy grading was removed only in 2003. It was build in the 80-ies of the 20th century for the needs of the political and public administration elite to manage the country in the event of nuclear war.

The Secret Soviet Bunker was one of the most strategically important places in Soviet Latvia.The entire authentic funrishing has been preserved. The bunker was powerful autonomous self-sustaining structure with all necessary and high-end equipment for that time. There you can see plans and projections in regard to what would happen if because of a war.

The bunker offer includes the reality game “Object X”, “A Party in the Bunker” and  meals in the canteen of Soviet style encluded.

Guided individual tours are by prior arrangement.


GPS Coordinates

Decimal Degrees (WGS84)  GPS
Latitude  Longitude Latitude  Longitude
57.25564  25.06946 N 57 15.338 E 25 04.168