Kārļamuiža Gift Certificate!

Want to surprise friends and family with a unique Karlamuiza Gift Certificate, which will be remembered by the recipient for a long time? Maybe you know someone who needs the peace and harmony of the world's most in the world, surrounded by a natural environment, tastefully arranged?

We offer an opportunity to purchase neatly designed Gift Certificates. Simple, fast and convenient - choose the value of the Certificate, receive it by post or in person at the hotel and give it! Which of our services - overnight, meals, relaxation in the sauna or maybe private celebrations - enjoy, it remains a gift to the recipient.

How to buy?

1. Complete the request form

2. We will send you an advance payment invoice and we will mutually agree on how you will receive the Gift Certificate

3. We will deliver the Gift Certificate after the payment of the invoice

The request form

Please note: Do not disclose any personal or payment information in your request