Ligatne Nature Trails

In the ancient valley of river Gauja and on banks of its confluence wild animals of Latvia dwell – red deer, roes, wild boars, bears, foxes, lynxes and various wild bird species. Ligatne nature trails are at a distance of 11 km from Karlamuiza Country Hotel and located on the bank of river Gauja, allowing the visitors to view wild animals of Latvia in open-air enclosures and vistas characteristic to ravines and forests of ancient valley of Gauja. Visitors can choose to walk one of the trails or go to a trail for motoring tourists. Ligatne nature trails offer horseback rides and rides in carriages or sleighs. In the winter season, the motoring tourism road is refitted for distance skiing.

Routes in Ligatne nature trails

Ligatne nature trails offer a hiking route, which exceeds 5 km, and a 5-km tarmac road for motoring tourists. Visitors can climb the 22 meters high Ligatne nature trails view tower to watch elks, lynxes, bears, wolves and other wild animals and birds of Latvian fauna.

Please, download a free map of Ligatne nature trails for hiking.

Working hours

Working hours in the summer season (from 1st of May):
  • 9:00-18:00 on working days
  • 9:00-19:00 on weekends and holidays

Working hours during the winter season (from 1st of November):
  • 10:00-16:00 on all days

Entry price

on working days:
  •     School children – 1.40 €,
  •     Students and pensioners – 2.10 €
  •     Adults – 3.60 €
  •     Families with children – 20% discount

Weekends and holidays:
  •     School children – 2.10 €,
  •     Students and pensioners – 2.80 €
  •     Adults – 4.30 €
  •     Families with children – 20% discount

Guide services:
For foreign language groups – 48.00 € (if the number of people in the group exceeds 30 – 60.50 €)
Entry free of charge:
  •     Pre-school age children;
  •     Families with many children;
  •     Students of various special education classes;
  •     Orphans and children left without care of their parents;
  •     Pupils of crises centres and boarding schools;
  •     Pupils of psycho-social rehabilitation centres;
  •     Disabled persons until 18 years of age;
  •     Persons with 1st or 2nd group disability;
  •     Chaperones accompanying disabled persons (younger than 18 years) or persons with 1st or 2nd group disability;
  •     Politically repressed persons;
  •     Group leaders, if there are more than 15 members of the group.

Free of charge visit is available after presenting a document that confirms the status of the person!

It is possible to use electronic payment cards for payment at Ligatne nature trails!

Excursions with guides in Latvian, English, Russian and German languages must be booked in advance.
Contacts: Gauja National Park Information centre “Ligatne nature trails”

Address: Ligatne nature trails, Ligatne parish, LV – 4108
Phone: +371 6415 3313, +371 2832 8800