Walking Place

Zvarte Rock has situated only 5 km from Karlamuiza Country Hotel.

Zvarte Rock It is located on the left bank of the Amata river and is one of the most picturesque rock exposures in Latvia. There are wonderful hiking trails in the area. The name of the rock is borrowed from the neighbouring ‘Zvarte’ house. The banks of Amata are connected by the Footbridge.

The height of the vertical red rock top reaches 35 m. The inspiring valley scenery can be observed both from the river and the rock, which can be reached by climbing the wooden stairs.

Witch’s Place

The rock is surrounded by numerous legends and tales that talk about witches and demons, who cut up in the vicinity, especially during the winter and summer solstice time. You’d better not show at Zvarte on the Midsummer, Whitsun nights and New Year’s Eve, as it said that till the first rooster crows the Sabbath of demons’ and witches’ takes place there. The witches from Ziluzi and Vikaste deep forests used to fly on their brooms and rally there. Still, if you are not afraid of the witches, take a chance and go there – there’s much to see!